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Angular contact bearings accuracy test

Release date:2021-10-12

After the angular contact ball bearings into the spindle mounting accuracy of calibration sequence is as follows (in shaft diameter 60-100mm lathe for example):

(1) Measure the shaft and the bearing hole size to determine with precision bearings, with the following requirements:

Take the inner ring and the shaft interference fit, the amount of interference 0 ~ + 4μm (at light load, when precision is 0); take the outer ring and the bearing hole gap with the clearance amount 0 ~ + 6μm (but at the free end of the bearing When using angular contact ball bearings, but also increase the gap); shaft and housing bore surface roundness error in 2μm or less, face parallelism bearing cage used in 2μm or less, the external end face of the inner shaft shoulder end of beating 2μm or less; retaining shoulder of the housing bore axis of beating 4μm or less; cover front side facing the axis of the spindle runout in 4μm or less.

(2) the fixed end of the front bearing mounted on the shaft

After the bearings were cleaned thoroughly washed with clean kerosene, grease lubrication, the first containing 3% to 5% of the grease into the bearing organic solvents for degreasing, then the quantity of oil gun grease filled within the bearing (accounting bearing space volume of 10% to 15%); heating the bearing temperature elevation 20 ~ 30 ℃, an oil press the bearing onto the shaft; the adapter sleeve bears on the shaft and bearing a suitable pressure against the axial end face of it The spring scale tape volumes on the bearing outer ring, the pre-load starting torque measurement methods specified check whether there is a significant change (even when the bearing is correct, but the fit or deformation of the holding frame, the preload there; Positioning Change possible).

(3) the bearing - the shaft assembly into the housing bore

Heated seat hole makes temperature 20 ~ 30 ℃, with continuous pressure gently bearing - the shaft assembly into the housing bore; before adjusting cap, the amount of fastening the front cover of 0.02 ~ 0.05μm, to the outer face of the bearing housing reference, the dial gauge header conflict on the journal surface, the axis of rotation measured beating error of 10μm the following requirements; the dial gauge positioned on the shaft, the back seat of the interior surface of the header conflict, the rotation axis front and rear seat to measure the bearing bore concentricity.

(4) The free end of the bearing may be selectively placed in a position to offset the bias, attached to the rear bearing support position, as much as possible to offset the roundness and concentricity deviation deviation between each other.