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High temperature bearing installation key points

Release date:2021-10-10

One, check. The bearing body, bearing and sealing ring carefully examined, anti-corrosion oil removal, macroscopic examination again to the bearing of the bearing seat, surface and bearing seat is bright and clean, smooth, should not dent, crack, rust, burr and other stress concentration caused by defects, after the examination should be on the component surface cast black lead powder (note to use compressed air blowing have been to many black powder), to prevent corrosion.

Two, matching number. In order to prevent the bearing bite and reduce wear bearing materials, should be better than the 1 level low bearing body, low hardness HB20 ~ 50. In order to prevent the bearing body and the bearing base of the random matching, the hardness difference is too big or too small, the bearing block and the bearing base should be matched and numbered according to the value of hardness test. Number should be used in the steel digital to fight in the bearing body, bearing seat is not easy to damage the position of the position, the force and not easy to destroy the end.

Three, sealing ring inspection and grinding. Modern large size units, high temperature of bearing using spherical sealing ring can greatly eliminate the bearing body of the additional bending stress, in the installation process is important to grasp is sealing ring and the bearing seat bearing surface and the sealing ring and the cylinder / flange bearing surface contact check, mainly Tu Hongdan and the feeler to check the gap in two ways, such as the discovery of uneven contact, received permission to use grinding bearing bearing surface and the cylinder and flange bearing surfaces method processing. The inspection also should be carried out in the sealing ring and bearing block for many times to check, if can offset the contact deviation, it can greatly reduce the processing workload.

Four, installation. In front of the bearing body final installation and fastening and deal with the bearing body of careful examination last, removal of debris and ash, especially in the bearing seat between the debris, and the cylinder, valve planted wire holes were carefully cleaned to remove all debris and water. Bearing body, bearing seat should not affect the performance and reliability of damage, the installation of the bearing body, bearing seat, sealing ring direction. Bearing of the bearing seat in place should be coated with MoS2 high temperature anti bite lubricant, but the bite proof agents should not be used for containing nickel alloy steel bearing body (instead of copper graphite lubricant). Cold tightening and thermal fastening are from the cylinder sag the widest part (central) began, in order to symmetrical two ends of, due to tight first bearing body tightening force after fastening bearing adjacent body will reduce, so cold tightening and thermal fastening should tighten 2 times. The heating position of the bearing body is the central hole of the bearing body, avoiding the bearing block and the bearing seat of the direct heating bearing body.